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ThinkMerit is the “ultimate study & test” platform for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, CBSE Class 11, CBSE Class 12 boards, NEET (Medical), BITSAT and all other engineering competitive examinations

Why ThinkMerit?

ThinkMerit offers study materials and tests as per the new pattern recommended by National Testing Agency (NTA). The course are revised time to time. All the learning resources (notes, practice question and tests) provided by ThinkMerit are relevant to JEE Main, JEE Advanced, CBSE Class 11, CBSE Class 12 boards and NEET (Medical). The state of the art review system and result with SWOT analysis gives student a better insight of their preparation.

How we can help you?

At ThinkMerit we believe that every student has a different learning speed and capability, so they require a different level of attention from their mentors. Therefore, our mentors with the help of smart artificial intelligence which is based on proprietary algorithms analyses each student and provides doubt and counseling support to boost and enhance their preparation as well as overall performance. In the process, we take utmost care in making the education fun and interesting.

Our regular test analytics gives students the most accurate insight of their preparation.

Important message for respected parents

Every child is special and they deserve the maximum attention from you. Nowadays due to the busy life and workloads, parents are not able to spend much time with their loved ones. The age group which is 14-20 years is a very crucial time for a teenager as well as their parents. During this time, special care should be adopted by parents in laying the foundation stone for their child’s career and teaching moral as well as social values to their child.

We at ThinkMerit, not as mentors but as parents help your child in laying a strong foundation stone for your child’s career by focusing on basics and concept building and imparting regular moral and social values through workshops, webinars, and tasks.

When a child is associated with ThinkMerit, it is our responsibility as we know what they require.

So, we are IITians to shape future IITians.
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